Signs of alcohol addiction

When someone is addicted to alcohol, they are at a high risk of having poor physical and mental health. Alcohol addicts are usually helpless when it comes to addiction because they find it hard to stop drinking despite some of them being aware that there are negative consequences that come with it.

If you are addicted to alcohol or you know someone who is, seeking early treatment is essential. With the signs mentioned below, you can tell if someone is struggling with alcohol addiction.

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Physical signs: It is quite easy to know when someone is addicted from the physical signs. They might either be short-term or long-term signs. For the short-term signs, some of them are slurred speech, hangovers, blurry vision, slow reaction times, poor coordination, etc.

While the long-term signs of alcohol addiction may include high blood pressure, malnutrition, seizures, poor hygiene, liver damage, weakened immune system, etc.

Inability to cut down: One of the ways to know that someone is addicted to alcohol is when they find it hard to reduce alcohol intake.

They may be unable to control themselves anytime they see alcohol around them. Also, they might not pay attention to their physical surroundings or even the people around them when they drink alcohol.

Failure to meet important obligations: Alcohol addicts find it hard to fulfill crucial obligations because they spend more time drinking alcohol.

They might be unable to meet work-related deadlines which would reduce their productivity and performance in the long run. If the alcohol addict happens to be a student, their academic performance might be poor.

Giving up social activities and interests: If an alcohol addict is invited to an event where alcohol is not served, they might lose interest.

They will find it hard to engage in their normal hobbies because they are no longer interested. You will also discover that alcohol addicts will prefer to stay on their own instead of being around people so that they can spend more time drinking alcohol.

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