Signs of alcohol addiction in an individual

Alcohol addiction refers to the unhealthy use of alcohol to the point where it adversely affects your health and even puts other people around you at risk. It also could mean a pattern of drinking where you have an uncontrollable and obsessive.

People struggling with alcohol addiction need all the help they can get so that they won’t have to deal with complicated health issues.

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Here are some signs that an individual is dealing with alcohol addiction


One of the ways to know that someone is struggling with alcohol addiction is when they prefer to remain isolated instead of being around people.

They prefer to cut down on other activities so that they can spend more time drinking. Sometimes, they may suspect that being around people for a long time might give their drinking habit away.

They drink excessively

Another sign of alcohol addiction is when the person drinks more than normal when they are in public places. Some of them might take excessive amounts of alcohol that would leave them intoxicated, and they would need the help of other people to get to their homes.

Problems at school or work

When an individual is struggling with alcohol addiction, they are likely to have problems at work or school. They may not give their best, which would lead to average or abysmal performances. 

Reducing social activities

Addicted individuals may not pay attention to social gatherings or activities like they use to. They will gradually stop doing all their hobbies to focus on their alcohol addiction.

Drinking alcohol despite health issues

Some people struggling with alcohol addiction may still keep drinking despite having health issues, or even after receiving series of advice to stop their alcohol intake.

After observing the signs that someone is addicted, the next step would be to suggest addiction treatment to them. You can research some reputable rehabs that offer top-notch treatment to make people sober again.

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