Seized Assets

addict seized assetsAddiction affects people negatively in a number of ways, not the least of which is when the law steps in to sort out their poor decision making. One unfortunate way that addicts may feel the full extent of their irresponsibility is by having their assets seized. Addicts do not put themselves in the position to handle money properly. Often times their addiction is costing them a great deal of money, and they do not budget for it because it exceeds a budget in importance. Either that or they are simply so lost in their addiction that paying their bills is no longer on their radar.  Either way, they are at great risk of having their belongings repossessed due to poor money management. Some of the possessions that addicts frequently have repossessed are as follows:

  • House. An addict’s house is an asset that is, unfortunately, frequently lost to their addiction. A house is the biggest investment the average person makes in their lifetime, which means no other investment is jeopardized as gravely by addiction. Even a mild to moderate addiction can distract a person from the responsibility of proper budgeting in order to finance their home investment.
  • Car. The second biggest expense the average person takes on is a vehicle. The idealized standard for automobile ownership in Canada and the United States is one vehicle per adult. This means a person needs to be responsible enough to finance a vehicle and care for it in order to be a functional vehicle owner. Sadly, this often proves to be too great a responsibility for many addicts and their vehicles are repossessed.
  • Boat. A boat is a luxury to the average person, however, a large number of addicts are much more white collar than many people realize. A number of addicts are in an income bracket that can afford them a boat, but this does not mean they are necessarily able to retain it. A possession such as a boat is something that is frequently repossessed due to mismanaged money.

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